About Us
Through the Grace of Almighty Allah, Jamatus-Salihat has provided a unique educational and pastoral service to the female Muslim Ummah since its establishment in 1993. The principal aim of Jamiatus-salihat is to provide an understanding of the Holy Qura'an and Ahadeeth to young female Muslims and guide them in developing a positive moral character. Thus enabling them to be exemplary mothers who can establish Deen in their homes and family. 

Protecting against the fire of Hell is the responsibility discharged by Jamiatus-salihat by teaching young female Muslims the tenets of belief (Imaan), the principals of Sariah and the true practice of Islam. Jamiatus-Salihat aims to protect female Muslims under its care from irreligious and immoral activities that determine personal character and blights communities. It is also wishes to establish a moral purpose to young women who will become mothers that shape the spirituality of future generations to come.

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has declared that  
"There is Islam where there is Knowledge." 

This Hadith highlights the immense importance of knowledge in Islam and its status in confirming and protecting our faith.
Around  2100 Mostly impoverished female students from all over India.
Benefit from courses in Hadeeth, Tafseer (commentary of the Holy Qura’an), Women’s Special Masail, Arabic grammer and Islamic conduct.

Darul-Uloom undertakes responsibility for the cost of all aspect of its students, accommodation, catering, education and personal welfare.