Message From Mohtamim Desk
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullai Wabarakatuhu

We would like to bring to your kind attention and consideration that currently there are 2100 female students studying and being looked after  at Jamaiatus Salihat (Bostane Aminah) Manubar.

This Institute  is making all strenuous efforts and is committed towards  striving to achieve Excellent Academic progress and Islamic Value and Ethos, and  achieving exemplary outcomes for all these honourable and beloved daughters of the Muslim Ummah.

Hence, in a relatively short period of 25 years since its inception, the Educational and Construction development and progress of Jamiatus Salihat  is transparent to all.

Jamiatus Salihat ‘s Loving, Caring and Spiritual Environment has always been a source of comfort and tranquility  to our daughters who study there.

This is Primarily due to the Mercy of Allah SWT, and also  duas of the pious Scholars, the sincerity of our staff, Generous and selfless donations and cooperation of our donors and the hard work of all management and stakeholders . We Praise Allah SWT for this .If we continue to receive this generous  co-operation of all of you  brothers and sisters then Inshallah  this Institute of yours without a doubt  has a bright and progressive future.

We sincerely and humbly appeal to you that you will continue to donate generously towards our institute and contribute in any way possible towards the lives of these daughters of the Muslim Ummah who are under our care.
May Allah SWT reward you in abundance in this world and the here-after Ameen

Your brother in Islam
Hafiz Sanaullah (Mo) Ismail Manubari
(Mohtamim) Jamiatus Salihat Bostane Aminah
At & Post-Manubar,
Ta & Di-Bharuch, Gujarat,  India